Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia from 2011 – Current

My studies in Journalism have been diverse. Topics covered range from communication and computer skills to detailed news writing and media based courses. The program is 3 years long and provides me with many opportunities to expand my learning beyond the classroom through work experience programs.

Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia during 2010

Studying Interior Architecture for a year helped develop my skills in design, communication through imagery and understanding of vision. This was a very useful year to broaden my understanding of design theory.

Work Experience

Charminar Klemzig; June 2011 – Present

As the first and last point of contact for our customers I have a strong skill-set in communication and service. I am required to handle complaints, requests, phone orders, bookings, and general queries. Working as part of a team I must be able to communicate ideas clearly both verbally and in writing.

Dodd’s Deli Willaston; May 2010 – June 2011

Most of my duties revolved around our weekend cleaning schedule. As part of the weekend team I was required to fulfil certain duties and communicate to the other weekend workers what had or hadn’t been done. Our store owner provided specific store procedures that had to be upheld which develop my ability to work under strict guidelines. Working as part of a small team built relationships between me and my co-workers; creating the idea that what one does will affect the others.

Wendy’s Elizabeth; September 2009 – May 2010

Working in a busy shopping centre (especially over Christmas) helped develop my ability to work under pressure. My team work was built by helping anticipate my co-workers needs in order to keep the store running smoothly. Being the customer’s only point of contact provided me with a strong foundation in customer service.


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